Shades of Truth & Voza Rivers / New Heritage Theatre Group

TRUBONE: Trilogy of Truth
Saturday, November 9th

Williams Institutional CME Church



In a world that has never truly atoned for the sins of slavery, enters TRUBONE, a man of an indeterminate age…a gifted storyteller, profound and irreverent, he tells it like it is because it was what it was!

He takes you on a journey from the slave ship to the auction block, from the sun-drenched cotton fields of the Deep South to the bloody battlefields of the Civil War and World War I.

Are these the rantings of a delusional old man? Or the inspired recollections of a man preserved by time to rewrite history without pause or apology! 

For further information, please call Michael: 646-488-9576, Chiquita: 914-297-8286, Akin: 646 643 6261 or JB Morgan: 646-944-3412. Cindy Cie Thomas

About the Producers: New Heritage Theatre Group is celebrating its 55th season presenting multiple theatrical music and film presentations at affordable admission prices throughout Harlem, New York City and internationally. Co-leadership of New Heritage is under the direction of Voza Rivers, producer, filmmaker and GRAMMY nominated honoree; and Professor Jamal Joseph, director, playwright, and OSCAR nominated honoree.

The mission of Shades of Truth Theatre and Founder / Producer Michael Green is to present historical, educational and entertaining theatre. We are committed to exposing hidden truths in history and paying homage to the unsung triumphs of African Americans. Our recent offerings include the riveting, critically acclaimed WWI drama Camp Logan & Black Wall Street by Celeste Bedford Walker; Whistle in Mississippi: The Lynching of Emmett Till by Michael Green with Daniel Carlton; Barbara Jordan: I Dared to be Me by Michael Green with Karen Brown, The Meeting by Jeff Stetson and, TRUBONE by Michael Green.